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OEM Part Info - AC Accumulator

In order for your Ford’s air conditioning system to perform the way the factory intended, all the replacement parts that you install need to be genuine OEM factory parts. This way there will be no gaps or leaks in the way the pieces fit. This is particularly important when you are replacing an AC accumulator. If there are any leaks, the accumulator will not operate properly and may cause the vapor to freeze, which may create a blockage. This blockage will keep the condenser from functioning properly.

The AC accumulator is designed to take the liquid refrigerant from the evaporator and turn it into a vapor that can be used in the condenser. The liquid is transferred through the accumulator where it is dried further through the use of a desiccant. This ensures that a dry vapor is passed into the condenser. The vapor is further filtered on the way through the accumulator. This final filter removes any dirt or contaminants.

Should your Ford not be providing you with the coldest air possible, you will want to pick up the phone and call 1-800-248-7760 and speak with the parts team at Blue Springs Ford Parts. They will get you the right genuine OEM Ford factory part for your air conditioning system.