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OEM Part Info - AC Evaporator

The AC system within your Ford consists of several parts. Most of these parts are within the engine compartment, but the evaporator is found within the cabin of the vehicle. This part looks like a radiator and is responsible for turning liquid into gas. The refrigerant is sent to the evaporator from the condenser. This refrigerant is in a cold liquid state when it enters the evaporator. The evaporator sends cold air from the liquid into the cabin as it draws hot air out. This hot air is sent through the evaporator where it heats up the liquid. This liquid is then transformed into a gaseous state. Once the liquid becomes gas, it is on the way through the rest of the AC system. It will then travel through the other parts until it comes back to the evaporator again. The evaporator actually dries the air within the cabin of the vehicle.

You only want to use genuine OEM Ford factory parts if you need to replace your OEM AC evaporator. This will ensure that it connects tightly and does not have any leaks. If your evaporator needs replaced, call 1-800-248-7760 to speak with the parts staff at Blue Springs Ford Parts today.