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OEM Part Info - Air Filter

With increasingly-complex engines, it is more important than ever to purchase original equipment manufacturer (OEM) air filters. Every car or truck model was specially designed by engineers who attend to every detail of the engine. This includes the important air filter.

The OEM air filter blocks particulates that otherwise might seep into the engine oil or gradually erode important engine parts. If the filter becomes too clogged, the engine functions improperly. A clean air filter helps guarantee a longer life for the car or truck.

Additionally, a functioning air filter improves gas mileage by ensuring that air flow is clean. Engineers design cars and trucks to allow air to mix with fuel at a precise level. An OEM filter is designed to ensure that a sufficient clean air flow is available. When the filter is clogged, the air flow is diminished, and it also diminishes fuel economy.

A non-OEM filter is simply a generic item that has not been specially designed for the make and model. This means that it cannot perform at the same level as OEM filters.

You can order authentic Ford OEM air filters and other OEM parts from Blue Springs Ford Parts. For help, call 800-248-7760.