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OEM Part Info - Belt Tensioner

When the car needs repairs, it’s always best to get genuine Ford OEM parts. An important part that no one can afford to go without getting repaired is the belt tensioner. The belt tensioner pushes the pulley up against the serpentine belt in order to create the tension that holds the belt on the different pulleys in the system. The internal spring inside the mechanism creates the tension. When repairs are needed, it’s usually the internal spring or the bearings in the tensioner pulley that are the source of the malfunction.

The serpentine belt will typically tear away and get lost along the roadside after the tensioner breaks. Getting the OEM belt tensioner instead of some aftermarket accessory will help to ensure that the part is compatible and works well with the automobile for an extended time frame. Choosing OEM parts is one of the best ways to avoid complications in the repair process. OEM parts are typically more reliable than aftermarket parts as well. OEM parts are the only choice for drivers that are committed to maintaining the integrity of a high performance or vintage vehicle. Blue Springs Ford Parts makes it easy for people to order OEM parts online or by calling 800 248 7760.