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OEM Part Info - Belt

OEM belts are one of the many popular maintenance items at Blue Springs Ford Parts. Made from synthetic rubber and fiber cord, the belt drives many of the average Ford engine’s accessories, including the air conditioning compressor and the water pump. Some Ford engines use separate V-belts to drive the accessories while others use a single serpentine belt. As a responsible Ford owner, chances are you’ll be checking your belts on a regular basis for wear and tear. If the belt fails due to premature wear or neglect, it could easily put your engine out of commission until it’s replaced.

When it comes to purchasing high-quality parts for your Ford vehicle, it’s best to stick with Genuine OEM Ford parts. Genuine OEM parts offer plenty of advantages that other aftermarket parts simply can’t match. For starters, genuine OEM parts are the same parts that your Ford originally came with when it rolled off the factory floor. That means your replacement will have the exact fit and the exact same quality as the original. Genuine OEM parts also offer unbeatable quality and longevity that many aftermarket parts simply lack.

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