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OEM Part Info - Brake Caliper

The OEM brake calipers that are factory installed in your Ford are designed to assist in stopping your vehicle when you apply the brakes. The calipers are one part of the braking system, and it is their job to create friction against the brake rotor in order to stop the vehicle. The calipers are fixed into place and the rotors spin with the wheels. When the brakes are applied, the calipers clamp down on to the rotors to slow the vehicle down. The calipers are moved through hydraulic power that is sent to them by the master cylinder. The calipers react to the pressure of the brake pedal by clamping down on the rotor. The brake pads fit on the inside of each caliper to create the necessary friction to stop the vehicle.

As with any mechanical part, there is the possibility of it wearing out. When it does, you will want to replace it with only genuine OEM Ford factory parts. The factory designed the parts to safely bring your car to a stop.

If you are having trouble stopping and need new calipers, then call 1-800-248-7760 today and speak with the parts staff at Blue Springs Ford Parts.