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OEM Part Info - Brake Pads

The braking system on your Ford is made up of several parts. Parts like the rotor, which turns with the wheels, and the calipers, which grab hold of it to stop the vehicle, are some of the most important parts of the system. The calipers have another job in addition to grabbing the rotors. They are the home of the OEM Brake Pads parts that are responsible for the actual stopping of the wheels. The friction parts create friction against the rotor as it turns, which essentially drags it to a halt. Because the rotor is attached to the wheel, the wheel also stops turning. The Brake Pads parts are heavily used and need to be maintained regularly. They are part of your brake service when you do your scheduled maintenance on your brakes. They wear out and need to be replaced.

Heavy driving conditions or braking conditions can cause them to wear faster than normal highway driving. These situations may require more frequent brake services to replace the Brake Pads parts. When you do replace these parts, you need to replace them with genuine OEM Ford factory parts. Ford has designed the parts to specifically work with other parts on your vehicle.

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