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OEM Part Info - Brake Rotors

OEM brake rotors and drums play an integral role in your Ford’s brake system. Both the rotors and drums provide a surface for both brake pads and shoes to press against as you apply the brakes. The friction caused by contact between the two components helps bring your vehicle to a safe stop. On most vehicles, the brake rotors are set up at the front wheels while the brake drums are located at the rear wheels. It’s a common arrangement that’s often done for cost reasons.

Plenty of auto parts stores and even some dealers offer aftermarket versions of these components, but OEM brake rotors and drums are the clear choice thanks to their consistent quality and longevity. You might think you’re getting a good deal with aftermarket brake rotors and drums, but you won’t get the quality or the reliability that comes from buying genuine Ford OEM brake rotors and drums.

Paying less for aftermarket brake components often means paying more later on. Sticking with OEM parts from Blue Springs Ford Parts can help save you plenty of money and frustration down the road. Order your parts online or call 800-248-7760 for more information.