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OEM Part Info - Fuel Filter

Most people remember to change their oil filter, cabin air filter and air filter, but when was the last time you changed your fuel filter? Your Ford’s fuel filter blocks impurities and contaminants often found in fuel before they enter the fuel injection system. This helps prevent poor engine performance and even potential engine failure. If your vehicle’s suffering from hard starts, constant stalling or poor performance, it’s probably time to have your fuel filter inspected and replaced.

What’s the difference between an OEM fuel filter and an aftermarket replacement? One big difference lies in its construction. Genuine OEM Ford fuel filters are designed to be exact drop-in replacements for your vehicle’s existing fuel filter. This means you’ll not only get an exact fit, but it’ll also be much easier to install than an aftermarket part. Genuine OEM Ford parts are also manufactured to exact specifications, meaning they’re built to last for a long time.

Blue Springs Ford Parts offers a selection of genuine OEM Ford fuel filters for a wide range of Ford models. If you need help finding this and other parts, give us a call at 800-248-7760 or visit or online store.