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OEM Part Info - Fuel Pump

OEM fuel pumps are an essential repair tool. If a fuel pump breaks, the car cannot continue to cycle its gasoline properly. Fuel pumps are electric systems built right into the fuel tank. If the pump is working, it can maintain fuel pressure in a precise way that will power the engine. If the pump is working improperly, fuel pressure becomes erratic. If it stops working entirely, the car can’t get the fuel it needs for even a simple drive.

Sometimes a sign that the system is failing is a decline in fuel economy that seems to happen very quickly. This is due to the fact that the pump’s activity is essential to the carefully engineered fuel/air blend.

If an OEM fuel pump is used, the repair is more likely to return the vehicle back to its original factory-level effectiveness. That’s because parts by the original equipment manufacturer are engineered to the exacting specifications of the original design. The design mimicry of generic parts is inadequate for such a significant repair. Ford OEM parts are available via online order from Blue Springs Ford Parts. For assistance, call 800-248-7760.