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OEM Part Info - Heater Core

A properly functioning vehicle will run well, be reliable and have a cabin that is comfortable no matter what the conditions are outside. The air conditioning should cool the interior and the heater should keep it warm during the winter. The heater is driven by a heater core, which is a small radiator that is mounted under the dash within the interior of the vehicle. It contains a series of pipes that snake through the interior of it. Those pipes are filled with bends that the hot coolant from the engine streams through. The hot coolant is used to warm the interior of the vehicle. There is a fan that blows the warm air from the hot coolant through the vent system of the vehicle. This coolant then begins to cool down as it flows through the heater core. It is then sent back to the engine to begin the journey again.

The heater core’s pipes may develop leaks or become clogged, so there is the chance that you may need to replace the heater core. If you do, you will want to use genuine OEM Ford factory parts.

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