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OEM Part Info - Ignition Coil

The OEM ignition coil is an essential component of gasoline-powered vehicles. The ignition coil is the mechanism that creates high voltage from the battery’s low voltage. This voltage causes the spark plugs to spark and actually ignite the fuel. Ford OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are the only parts that can guarantee that a Ford-engineered system will work exactly as it has been designed. A bad ignition coil can cause misfiring, poor fuel economy or even total power loss.

The modern ignition coil is part of a system that includes the electronic ignition’s power transistor. This triggers the coil, if the coil is working. Some autos have one ignition coil for every cylinder. Others use one small coil per spark plug. These may be mounted separately or on top of the spark plug itself. Older systems use more mechanical parts including a condenser. Each vehicle’s system is unique to that Ford model. For this reason, original equipment manufacturer parts are the best solution when the system breaks down. If your Ford is experiencing ignition problems, make sure to get OEM ignition coils to replace the old ones. For more information, call Blue Springs Ford Parts at 1-800-248-7760.