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OEM Part Info - Ignition Switch

When the ignition stops working, the car won’t go anywhere. Fortunately, it is easy to fix the problem when you have a genuine Ford OEM Ignition Switch. Each Ford part is specially engineered to do its job. That’s why buying OEM replacement parts is essential to maintaining your Ford vehicle.

The ignition switch -is sometimes called the starter because it actually sets off the internal combustion system that runs the car. If the ignition switch dies, it isn’t possible to turn on the car. The switch begins the process that sends the battery’s voltage through the coils, increasing it to a higher voltage and sparking the engine’s plugs. This ignites the fuel/air mixture that will power the car.

If the switch breaks, replacing it with an OEM part is critical. Using a genuine OEM ignition switch will ensure that the ignition system works again. As many know, the original equipment manufacturer is really the only manufacturer who truly understands how Ford parts coordinate with each other. Genuine Ford parts, including OEM ignition switches, are available from Blue Springs Ford Parts. It is easy to order online, but some prefer to call 800-248-7760 for help.