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OEM Part Info - Power Steering Pump

Believe it or not, there was a time when power steering was a luxury that was only available on a few select vehicles. Today, virtually all modern cars feature power steering. Effortless steering is made possible by the power steering pump, a pulley-driven device that helps transfer pressurized power steering fluid between various power steering components. This allows the driver to turn the steering wheel with nearly zero effort. In past decades, many luxury vehicles actually advertised power steering that was so effortless, it only took a driver’s little finger to steer the car.

Most power steering pumps are designed to last for quite a while, but premature wear and tear or catastrophic failure can make an immediate replacement a reality. Genuine Ford OEM parts are the preferred choice among mechanics thanks to their exact fit, excellent quality control and the reassurance that comes from using parts recommended by the manufacturer. In many cases, genuine Ford OEM parts can even beat their aftermarket counterparts on price.

You can find a wide assortment of OEM power steering pumps for your Ford car, truck, SUV or van through Blue Springs Ford Parts. By calling 800-248-7760 or visiting the online store, you can find the exact parts you need at affordable prices.