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OEM Part Info - Shock Absorbers

Your vehicle’s ride quality is important, which means that it’s worth buying a good set of shocks. However, what many people don’t realize is that shocks impact vehicle performance. It’s not at all a stretch to say that shock absorbers are safety equipment, and we *always* recommend OEM parts when we’re talking about vehicle safety.

First of all, a good set of shocks reduce “rebound,” which is the natural tendency of your vehicle’s springs to bounce whenever your car hits a pothole, a speed bump, etc. Rebound is bad, as it can reduce your vehicle’s contact with the road. If your car were to hit a pot hole on a curve on the highway, for example, the rebound could temporarily cause your front wheels to leave the road surface. This can cause your car to drift in the corners and generally feel “floaty” as you drive at higher speeds. Obviously, this is bad. Second, shocks help prevent brake dive, which is a vehicle’s natural tendency to pitch forward during braking. If you slam on the brakes and your vehicle pitches forward, your rear brakes aren’t as effective…which means you don’t stop as quickly as you should.

It’s one thing to buy cheap after-market floor mats or seat covers for your vehicle, as these parts can’t really impact how your vehicle functions, how safe it is, etc. However, if you’re buying cheap after-market shocks, beware. Shocks are safety equipment, and it’s never a good idea to cut costs where safety is concerned.