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OEM Part Info - Spark Plug Wires

When compared to larger engine components, spark plug wires may seem trivial, but these wires play a vital role. If these wires need to be replaced, they should only be replaced by parts from the original equipment manufacturer. Spark plug wires are specific to each Ford car, truck or SUV. Only genuine Ford OEM spark plug wires are designed with a thorough knowledge of the vehicle’s requirements.

Spark plug wires are the go-between for the ignition coil and the spark plugs. When the ignition coil receives the lower voltage from the battery, it must up the voltage to a very high level. This high voltage is then communicated via the spark plug wires to the spark plugs. If a wire is malfunctioning, this is a serious problem. It could mean power loss to its spark plug, and it could force other spark plug wires to work harder. Replacing the faulty wires with OEM spark plug wires ensures that the system will return to normal.

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