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OEM Part Info - Spark Plugs

If the spark plugs fail on a Ford or Lincoln, it is essential to replace them with genuine Ford OEM Spark Plugs. This is true whether it’s a 1995 Taurus or a 2011 F150 pick-up truck. Each spark plug is chosen or even specifically designed for the Ford vehicle that it powers. That’s part of the reason that OEM spark plugs are always better than generic ones. After all, these spark plugs must be able to control high voltage charges.

The spark plugs receive a high voltage from the ignition coils. The spark plugs then warm the tank, igniting the fuel and air. This provides the catalyst for the engine. With failing spark plugs, drivers may notice misfiring or false starts. Of course, failing spark plugs eventually lead to engine failure. This may be due to normal wear, oil fouling, or combustion deposits. Original equipment manufacturer parts are the best replacements for Ford shock plugs.

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