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OEM Part Info - Speed Sensor

The function of the speed sensor is to determine how fast your vehicle is traveling. It registers the wheel rotations through electrical pulses that it sends to the central computer unit of your vehicle. If you are using your cruise control, the rotation may be reset to keep the set speed. It is also responsible for the reading on your speedometer. The speed sensor is attached to the transmission and reads the wheel rotations through independent sensors on the wheels. The speed sensor directs the wheel information to the ABS in order to keep them from locking up. The difference in speed from independent wheels would indicate a situation where the wheels may be in the process of becoming locked. The computer that runs the ABS can then apply the proper pressure to keep the brakes from locking up and resulting in a skid.

The speed sensor may never need to be replaced, but if it does not operate properly, the speedometer may fluctuate for no reason, the ABS may not function and the cruise control may not operate.

If you need to replace your speed sensor, you should only use genuine OEM Ford factory parts. The staff at Blue Springs Ford Parts can send the part you need today when you call 1-800-248-7760.