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OEM Part Info - Starter

OEM Starters are a vital part of any Ford repair. As you may know, starters may malfunction slowly, and drivers may only get hints such as stalling or misfiring. Starters may malfunction quickly, making it very obvious when the driver turns the key and nothing happens. When the driver turns the key, it is the starter than literally starts the engine processes that will power the car. The starter connects with the ignition coils. The coils connect with the spark plugs. The plugs spark the fuel mixture. The fuel pump starts sending it through the valves. It all happens so fast that the driver doesn’t notice. That’s why it’s so jarring when the starter breaks.

Getting a genuine Ford OEM starter ensures that the repair will be successful. Each Ford model is different from the next, and each engine part is often specially-crafted for that specific powertrain. It only makes sense, then, when something critical like the starter breaks, that it should be replaced with a genuine Ford original equipment manufacturer part.

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