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OEM Part Info - Steering Gear

When you turn the wheels of your Ford, you expect it to turn for you. If it does not, there may be something wrong in the steering. The wheels turn when you turn the steering wheel. The steering wheel is mounted on a rod that is connected to a steering box. That box holds the key to your steering. It is the steering gear that makes the wheels turn. This gear is essentially a large stationary bolt that moves the box up and down when the wheel is turned. When the box moves, it causes the pitman arm to move, which is connected to the rods that are attached to the wheels. The pitman arm moves the rods the proper amount of distance needed to make the turn. The inside wheel will have less of a distance to travel than the outside wheel, so it is important that the turning is calculated properly.

The steering gear will likely never give you any problems, but if it does, you should replace it with only genuine OEM Ford factory parts. They are the parts that are designed to give your Ford the best performance.

If you are having trouble with the steering in your vehicle, call 1-800-248-7760 today. The parts staff at Blue Springs Ford Parts will be happy to assist you with your steering problems.